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Yuto Akama (赤間 遊兎 Akama Yūto) is the second-year representative and the head of the Drama Club in Mikagura Academy.


Yuto is a notably short young man with brown hair whose bangs cover his left eye. Instead of the standard winter uniform, he wears a jacket, brown shirt, black and white striped pants, and brown boots. To accompany his animal motif as a member of the drama club, he wears a panther-printed hat with protruded ears. Whenever he takes off his hat he puts on a black clip on the left side of his hair.
In his summer appearance, Yuto wears a slightly customized version from the normal summer uniform which has a brown and white accent with a brown shirt underneath and a black tie. He also wears matching boots, a striped wristband on his left wrist and chain-like accessories accompanied by his trademark panther hat.
In his anime appearance, Yuto is slightly tanned and has darker hair and eye color. He also tucked his shirt inside his pants.
As a child, he wore a black jersey with a white shirt underneath, black short pants, and socks. He still wears the same outfit albeit wearing trousers sometimes when he's not at school.


"The head of the Drama Club. It seems that everyone in the Drama Club loves animals…?"
—Newspaper Club Memo
The Ace and somehow dad figure to his club members[1][2] who projects a cool, capable, and dependable aura. In spite of this, Yuto is almost always being teased and likes to tease people himself, particularly Eruna.[3][4] Still, many people respect, admire, and adore him dearly. However, his true nature is an insecure yet sensitive young man who, due to the trauma he has when he was young, is really scared of losing people around him. Hence, he does his best to 'act' as what people want him to be; he wants to be needed and trusted, thus, he tries to keep his mask intact in the process.[5]
Due to the difficulty he had in expressing his emotions in the past, Yuto still believes that he is merely nothing without his mask. Nonetheless, he does show his true nature from time to time as the series progresses. After being convinced by Eruna that he doesn't have to always keep his mask on since people love him genuinely, Yuto has started to open his heart and lately has shown his true smile. It is also revealed that he has shades of awkwardness, timidity, and tsundere-ness, which Eruna describes as cute.[4][6][7] Yet, in battle, he tends to smile creepily and use his agility rather than his true power. He also likes to toy with his opponents using cryptic words, which Asuhi and Eruna both find quite frightening.[8]
His interest is animals, as described by the official profile. Aside from this, Yuto also seems to have an interest in gaming, since he was seen to have a game console when he was young[9] and got excited to play a shooting game at a booth, although he did not clearly admit it.[4]


  • Coup d'Etat Faker: (クーデターフェイカー Kūdetā Feikā)
Self-multiplying ability. However, it actually comes from the ability's nature which makes an optical illusion from its owner's agility and acceleration to a certain degree so it can be perceived as the owner having multiple clones dominating the battle area by their opponents. His item is a scythe and he can summon it anytime he pleases.


Knowledge Physical Strength Attack Defense Stamina Speed Growth Expectation Unpredictability
6 9 9 4 9 10 4 7


Image Name  What they call Yuto   What Yuto calls them 
Eru Eruna Ichinomiya Akama-kun Ichinomiya-chan
Himi Himi Yasaka Akamacchi Himi-chan
Asu Asuhi Imizu Akama-senpai Asuhi
Bimy Bimii Akama-kun Sensei
Sigu Shigure Ninomiya Akama-san Shigure-san
Sada Sadamatsu Minatogawa Akama-san Minatogawa-san
Kuzu Kyoma Kuzuryuu Akama Kuzuryuu-san
Sei Seisa Mikagura Akama-san Seisa-san

Image Name What they call Yuto What Yuto calls them
Nyamirin-icon Nyamirin Yuuto Nyamirin
Kumano-san Kumano-san Yuuto Kumano-san
Usamaru-icon Usamaru Akama-senpai Usamaru
Tonkyun-icon Tonkyun Akama-daihyou Tonkyun





  • His surname comes from Akama Shrine (赤間神宮), located on
    Yuto-anime chibi
    Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. While others are Shinto Shrines, Akama Shrine itself is a jinguu (Imperial Shinto Shrine).
  • His birthday corresponds with Rock and Roll Day in Japan, which comes from a play on words.[10]
  • His eye colors can sometimes be seen as either brown, silver, or even hazel.
  • Due to his small stature, some people have commented that he looks good in female costumes.
  • According to the album databook:
    • Yuto wishes to have a big family full of happiness and harmony, and he refers to the drama club members.
    • His favorite side dish for bento is cherry tomato and he likes to save it for last.
    • He would like to reward himself by being surrounded by friends everyday.
    • Hairpin with various designs is a necessary thing for him.


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