Sadamatsu Minatogawa




Kanji 湊川貞松
Rōmaji Minatogawa Sadamatsu
Hair color Pale golden
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Height 175 cm
Blood type AB
Birthday October 25th
Zodiac Scorpio
Likes A place where he can space out
Dislikes Nature destruction
Year Second-year
Club Flower Arranging Club
Ability Selfish Flower
Voice Actors
Japanese Makoto Furukawa
English Josh Grelle
First Appearance
Manga Music 2
Novel Stride After School (chapter 2)
Anime Episode 01
Yes, I'm listening...Well no, I'm actually not...

Sadamatsu Minatogawa (湊川貞松 Minatogawa Sadamatsu) is the second-year representative and the sole member of the Flower Arranging Club in Mikagura Academy.


Sadamatsu is a young man with pale golden hair that is parted at the center. Instead of the standard winter uniform, he wears traditional Japanese clothes: white haori, brown uwagi, striped monochrome sash, kobakama, and zori.
His summer appearance only differs a little from his usual attire. The haori is translucent and his uwagi seems to consist of two shades of brown instead of the usual. He also wears yellow-green geta instead of zori.
In his anime appearance, Sadamatsu has shorter hair and haori and his shorts is not as short as his mixed media counterpart. 


"The representative of the Flower Arranging Club, Minatogawa-san! It seems he’s an extremely my-paaaaace person."
—Newspaper Club Memo
A young man who is known for doing things at his own pace and always having poker face on. Sadamatsu is also known to be elusive, not standing out, prone to biting his handkerchief when he gets disappointed,[1] and having a slightly quirky sense of humor.[2] Nevertheless, he is actually a gentle person, good listener, and is eager to make friends.
Being the only member of Flower-Arranging Club as well as its representative,[3] Sadamatsu doesn't have a lot of friends to talk to and is even hinted to be scared that he might be forgotten due to his wallflower status.[2] While he always seems sad, helpless, and lonely due to this, he gets happy whenever someone approaches him and talks to him, and pays him a visit.[3][4][5] His expression will also visibly change to a delightful one if someone is willing to join his club or if he gets in the limelight.[3][1]
Sadamatsu's primary interest is a place where he can space out, as described by his official profile. He also likes to makes himself busy by talking with and taking care of his own garden in the academy.[1] Not only this, Sadamatsu is also revealed to be a plushie collector when he was young[4]. He is also said to be fond of tea, and always brings a cup of it everywhere, just like Kyoma's fondness of milk.[6][7][8]


  • Selfish Flower: (セルフィッシュフラワー Serufisshu Furawā)
Flower petals will encircle around him like a thick wall and revolve in a high speed as well as reject any kind of attack, giving him an absolute protection. However, it only lasts for 15 minutes.


Knowledge Physical Strength Attack Defense Stamina Speed Growth Expectation Unpredictability
7 4 3 10 4 2 3 4


Image Name  What they call Sadamatsu   What Sadamatsu calls them 
Himi Himi Yasaka Minatogawa-chan Himi-chan
Yuto Yuto Akama Minatogawa-san Akama-san
Eru Eruna Ichinomiya Minatogawa-senpai Ichinomiya-san
Sei Seisa Mikagura Minatogawa-san Mikagura-san
Sigu Shigure Ninomiya Minatogawa-kun Shigure-san
Asu Asuhi Imizu Minatogawa-senpai Imizu-san
Kuzu Kyoma Kuzuryuu Minatogawa Kuzuryuu-san
Bimy Bimii Minatogawa-kun Bimii-san
Oto Otone Fujishiro N/A Kimi (You)





  • His surname comes from Minatogawa Shrine (湊川神社)
    Sadamatsu-anime chibi
    , located on Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyougo Prefecture, roughly on the site of the Battle of Minatogawa.
  • His birthday corresponds with the Shimabara Rebellion in the old Japanese lunar calendar.
  • According to the album databook:
    • Sadamatsu wishes flowers can talk so he has a lot of companions to talk to.
    • His favorite side dish for bento is Kinpira gobou.
    • He would like to reward himself by watching his favorite hero show while drinking tea.
    • Strawberry-flavored children toothpaste is a necessary thing for him since he can't brush his teeth without it.


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