Points is a system which is established in Mikagura Academy. It substitutes real money and can only be used inside the academy.


As said before, points is a money substitute used in Mikagura Academy. It is currently unknown how much one point costs in real money. Aside from purchasing things for everyday life, points also can be used for renting school rooms for miscellaneous usage, club budget, or gambling in events.

How to obtain points

Points will be regularly given by the Academy in small amounts by attending classes each day. However, if a student wishes to get more points, they can obtain it by participating in battles (except simulation battles), or by establishing a booth for events. Points are also rewarded in a large amount as a prize for some events such as Rookie Battle.

Estimation Point

Estimation point (期待値, Kitaichi. lit, expectation value) is a system established involving point usage in Rookie Battle in order to prevent students from gambling illegally. It will appear every time one is voted or nominated to be the winner of Rookie Battle by others. It's even also possible for students to bet on themselves to increase their estimation points. However, the percentage of said student will not be announced until the winner has been decided.
The Newspaper Club article about the Rookie Top 10 is one that heavily influences estimation points. It contains a list of the top 10 students who are expected to be the winner of Rookie Battle by the upperclassmen.

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