Mikagura School Suite (ミカグラ学園組曲 Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku) is the first full album of the song series with the same name. There is a regular edition that only contains the CD, while the limited edition also has a DVD containing some PVs and other bonuses

Song lists

Disc 1 [CD]

# Song Title Sung by Length
01 overture GUMI 3:32
02 我楽多イノセンス (Garakuta Innocence) GUMI 4:31
03 有頂天ビバーチェ (Uchouten Vivace) GUMI 3:32
04 絵空事スパイラル (Esoragoto Spiral) GUMI 3:58
05 花吹雪リフレクト (Hanafubuki Reflect) GUMI 3:58
06 無気力クーデター (Mukiryoku Coup d'Etat) GUMI 3:56
07 赤裸々キャンディ (Sekirara Candy) GUMI 3:51
08 十六夜シーイング (Izayoi Seeing) GUMI 3:54
09 不条理ルーレット (Fujouri Roulette) GUMI 2:25
10 革新的ヒロイズム (Kakushin-teki Heroism) GUMI 4:08
11 放課後ストライド (Houkago Stride) GUMI 3:43

Disc 2 [DVD]

# Song Title Sung by Length
01 放課後ストライド (Music Video) GUMI 3:43
02 無気力クーデター (Music Video) GUMI 3:56
03 有頂天ビバーチェ (Music Video) GUMI 3:32
04 我楽多イノセンス (Music Video) GUMI 4:31
05 十六夜シーイング (Music Video) GUMI 3:54

Limited Edition Bonuses

The limited edition also contains the following bonuses:
  • Mikagura Kindergarten, a comic exclusively illustrated by Akina featuring the Mikagura cast in their pre-schooler versions.
  • A booklet which contains the casts' official data.
  • A three-sided clear file which acts as a back-sleeve.
  • Available music videos of each songs up to Izayoi Seeing, in DVD format.
  • One random acrylic strap out of four designs for smartphone.


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