Relay Interview of All Singing Cast in “Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku”! Part 5: Nobunaga Shimazaki (Voice Actor of Shigure Ninomiya)


As the Mikagura School Suite series done by Last Note. get expanded, it will be aired as an anime version start from April 6th! Mikagura Academy, the Academy which Eruna Ichinomiya entered is actually an unexpected, cultural-club based academy with battle and ability systems!? Raise the curtain for the wondrous yet unbeatable school life of Eruna and the other students!
This time, we did a relay interview of all singing cast as a part of Mikagura Academy feature! The fifth interview is about Nobunaga Shimazaki, who voiced Shigure Ninomiya. He will tell us about his first impression of “Kakushinteki Heroism” and the character he voiced.
――Please tell us about your impression after reading the story of “Mikagura School Suite” and listening to the song series.
Nobunaga Shimazaki (Shimazaki, for short): I think this is a pop series with great story pace. I think this is a wonderful series because basically, you listen to it, read it, and it will make your spirit lifted up and become positive.
――Please tell us charm points of this series that you feel after actually take part on the anime production.
Shimazaki: Eruna-chan is absurdly overflowing with positive and energetic aura, more than I imagined before. Coupled with the great story pace and awesome battle scenes, this series has max tension indeed.
――Between you and your character, is there any similarities or differences?
Shimazaki: We both go straight to the line if it’s about something we love. However, unlike Shigure, I’m not that aggressive (laugh).
――Is there any direction or thing you specifically paid attention to during the recording?
Shimazaki: Shigure’s love toward Eruna-chan.
――What is your impression after listening to your character song”?
Shimazaki: I honestly think that Kakushinteki Heroism is an awesome song. Thus, after being able to feel a part of Shigure which is usually hidden from the world, makes me understand him better.
――Please tell us your thought and troubles, if any, after recording.
Shimazaki: Since this song is originally made by using Vocaloid, it was kinda difficult to manage the breathing timing. However, I have no problem in showing Shigure’s emotion here so I think I’m able to sing it as Shigure.
――Please leave a message to all fans out there.
Shimazaki: Please watch the anime, too, since it also has similar max tension with the original series. Also, please wait for Shigure’s character song, too, since you can
see the gap between the usual Shigure and his awesomeness! Please fully enjoy the world of “Mikagura School Suite”!


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