Kyoma Kuzuryu




Kanji 九頭竜京摩
Rōmaji Kuzuryuu Kyouma
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Orange
Gender Male
Height 177 cm
Blood type O
Birthday August 11th
Zodiac Leo
Likes Freedom
Dislikes Adult
Year Third-year
Club Art Club
Ability Palette Barrett
Voice Actors
Japanese Yoshimasa Hosoya
English Chris Rager
First Appearance
Manga Music 2
Novel Stride After School (chapter 2)
Anime Episode 01
Hey, my head kinda hurts so could 'ya shut up for a bit?

Kyoma Kuzuryu (九頭竜京摩 Kuzuryuu Kyouma) is a third-year student in Mikagura Academy and the head as well as the representative of the Art Club.


Kyoma is a young man with messy blonde hair. He wears the standard winter uniform (albeit disheveled) with the pants legs rolled up to his knees and indoor shoes. His clothes and face are always splattered with paint as the effect of his ability, and he usually has a star-shaped print on his right cheek.
As for his summer attire, Kyoma wears a customized version of the summer school uniform, which is unbuttoned and has a red tie instead of a gray one.
In his anime appearance, Kyoma rolls his sleeves up and wears a dark blue shirt underneath his uniform instead of black. He also doesn't wear any ties and the paint splattered on his cheeks and uniform are not as much as his mixed media counterpart.


"The representative of the Art Club, Kuzuryu-san. It seems the look in his eyes is kind of intense, so he’s sometimes feared?"
—Newspaper Club Memo
Despite his harsh and sharp words, scary glare, and rough appearance, Kyoma is not the kind of person who picks a fight first. In fact, he tries his best to not get involved with people as much as possible. He also never bothers to fix his image, which gives off an intimidating, aloof, and unapproachable aura to many as it is troublesome for him.[1] This attitude of him actually is the result of what had happened in his past.[2]
Aside from being easily misunderstood, Kyoma also has a hard time trusting people, again, due to his past. As a result, he is rather hard to befriend. Not only that, he also thinks of himself and what he does as nothing but trash, indicating that his past has had quite a big impact on his personality now.[1] Although Kyoma rarely smiles and is shown to take everything, even lighthearted jokes, seriously, he is actually a good-natured person who really longs for a true friend. He is also willing to help people once asked. As the series progresses, his personality is shown to exhibit tsundere and tsukkomi traits.[3][4][5]
Kyoma really likes freedom, hence why he would rather seclude himself in his small room and draw as a way to let his heart speak out rather than communicate with people. Nevertheless, he actually welcomes anyone's presence and even prepares milk in his fridge in case anyone comes to his room.[4] Kyoma is also noted to be fond of milk. He drinks more than three cartons of milk a day and is really fierce to convince people about how good milk is for one own's health.[1][3][6]


  • Palette Barrett: (パレットバレット Paretto Baretto)
The palette acts as his shield while the paints which float at its his free will act as the main weapon. The effect of each paint is different depending on its color (red paint can explode, yellow paint can flash light bullets, black paint can explode as well as reverberate loud sounds at the same time, etc). Each paint can also be combined to create a multiply effect, making it limitless. However, the accuracy and power depends on his distance to his opponent. When not in battle, they will also act violently and splat any surface whenever he is in a sour mood.


Knowledge Physical Strength Attack Defense Stamina Speed Growth Expectation Unpredictability
6 10 8 8 10 5 1 3


Image Name What they call Kyoma  What Kyoma calls them 
Sigu Shigure Ninomiya Kuzuryuu-kun Ninomiya
Hero Time
Sei Seisa Mikagura Kuzuryuu-san Mikagura
Eru Eruna Ichinomiya Kuzuryuu-senpai
Shisou (Master, but rejected)
Rookie (once)
Ninomiya's cousin
Bimy Bimii Kuzuryuu-kun Omae (you)
Asu Asuhi Imizu Kuzuryuu-senpai Girly Rookie-chan (once)
Yuto Yuto Akama Kuzuryuu-san Akama
Sada Sadamatsu Minatogawa Kuzuryuu-san Minatogawa
Himi Himi Yasaka Kuzuryuu-san Yasaka
Oto Otone Fujishiro Senpai Omae (You)
Koitsu (This girl)





  • His surname comes from Kuzuryuu Shrine (九頭龍神社) or Hakone Shrine
    Kyoma-anime chibi
    (箱根神社) located on Hakone, Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa Prefecture.
  • Kuzuryuu (lit. nine-headed dragon) itself is a deity that appears in folklore and legends in various parts of Japan.
  • Aside from Enoyan (lit. yankee with paint), Eruna also gives various nicknames derived from the word yankee, such as Nebuyan (lit. sleeping bag yankee), upon hearing his past, and Sukeyan (lit. lecherous yankee) when came to his club room, much to his disagreement.
  • Even after being transferred to Mikagura Academy, he still tends to skip classes.[7]
  • Kyoma is presumably ambidextrous.[8]
  • According to the album databook:
    • Kyoma wishes to try milk bathing.
    • He prefers to eat bread for lunch instead of bento since it is more suitable with milk.
    • He would like to reward himself by watching mail delivery programs about health supplies.
    • He doesn't have any necessary thing as he thinks it is troublesome.


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