Izayoi Seeing (十六夜シーイング) is the fifth uploaded song of the project. It focuses on Asuhi after his defeat in the Rookie Battle Tournament and a bit of his past.


"I feel I don't watch stars recently. I want to walk looking up more, without casting my eyes down. Yes, I'll do it!"
—Author's comment.
Izayoi Seeing is the sixteenth song made by Last Note. as well as the fifth song of this series. The music is accompanied by guitar which are performed by Moyashi and Meriken, bass which is performed by Irojiro, and also violin which is performed by Teppei Sensei. The illustration and the PV are made by Akina.
It focuses on Asuhi, the representative of the Astronomy Club, who is feeling down because he feels he had betrayed everyone's expectations in the Rookie Battle Tournament and decided to consult his problem to the stars, something he would usually do since he was young.


  • This is the song whose story in detail has been released first before its song and PV.
  • This is the second song which contains cameos from numerous minor characters, the first one is Mukiryoku Coup d'Etat.


No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Izayoi Seeing (preview) 0:30

Lyrics & Translation

ファインダー越し 雨降りに浮かぶ星に

何万何億光年も旅してきたヒカリが こんなに優しいのはどうして?


期待に応えられずに輝けないボクを 眩しそうに見るのはどうして?


いつの間にか雨は上がっていて 今日は星空が綺麗だ
星像が仄淡く揺らぐ 十六夜シーイング


Faindaa goshi amefuri ni ukabu hoshi ni
Honno sukoshi yowane toka haite mitari
Hikari doushi o yubi de sen tsunagi
Namae no nai seiza o tsukuru hibi da

Nan man nan oku kounen mo tabi shite kita hikari ga konnani yasashii no wa doushite?
Moshimo namida o hoshikuzu ni kaerareta nara
Nee, boku mo tsuyoku nareru no kana

Niwaka ame o youyaku yari sugoshi tara
Tsugi no ame ga mou soko de taiki shiteta
'Ame tsudzuki no sonogo wa hare ga tsuduku yo!' tte
Waratte kasa o sashite kureta

Kitai ni kotaerare zu ni kagayake nai boku o mabushi sou ni miru no wa doushite?
Taiyou mitai ni mawari o terashi te iru no wa
Nee, kidzui te iru kana
Kimi dayo

Arigato, sayonara.
Haikei, nakimushi datta ano koro no boku he
Negai goto nara mou kanatta yo

Itsu no manika ame wa agatte ite kyou wa hoshizora ga kirei da
Nandaka kurushii no wa doushite?
Seizou ga honno awaku yuragu izayoi sheeingu
Nee, boku wa tsuyoku nareta no kana?

────Kimi toiu inryoku ni hikare nagara

Gazing through the viewfinder at stars reflected in the raincloud filled sky,
I let out a weak sigh
Tracing the paths of light with my finger,
I made up names of these new constellations

They’ve traveled billions of light years, Still, these lights seem so gently – Why is that?
If I could turn these tears into stardust,
Hey, could I grow stronger as well?

Once the sudden downpour finally ceased,
I was afraid another would soon follow
“After such a downpour, it’ll be clear skies for quite a while”
You laughed, and held up an umbrella

Unable to live up to expectations, I’m no longer sparkling so why is it you look at me as though I’m still shining?
Have you realized? The one who shines like the sun,
and cheers everyone up,
It’s you…

Thank you and goodbye
To my past, crybaby self,
Your wishes have already been granted

Before I knew it, the sky had cleared up and the stars sparkle prettily tonight
But why does my heart feel kinda tight?
The stars fleetingly flutter, as we see a sixteen day moon.
Hey, have I grown stronger?

────While being attracted by your magnetism


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