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Bimii-human (anime)

Kanji ビミィ
Rōmaji Bimii
Hair color Brown and white fur (cat form)
Pale pink (human form)
Eye color White (cat form)
Grayish white (human form)
Purple (anime)
Gender Male
Height Weird size for sure
Blood type Either A or O
Birthday January 31st
Zodiac Aquarius
Likes Delicious food
Dislikes Treated as a pet
Ability Unbeatable straight man
Voice Actors
Japanese Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
English Sonny Strait
First Appearance
Manga Music 1
Novel Stride After School (chapter 1)
Anime Episode 01
Although I look like this, I'm actually a respectable teacher!

Bimii (ビミィ Bimii, real name △×○□◇) is the teaching staff at Mikagura Academy as well as Eruna's companion. In the fifth novel, he turned back into his normal human form.


Bimii is a living being who takes the form of a cat. He has small wings which help him fly. The color of his fur is white with brown on the tails, feet, and face. He also wears a flower choker on his neck and is said to be ikebo (slang for iketeru-boisu/cool male voice). He also attaches '~ryui' to the end of his words. However, his anime counterpart has purple eyes and tail. His wings are also slightly yellowish and his fur is slightly darker.
In the fifth novel, he returned to his normal self which is a human. He looks like a middle-school-aged boy who has pale pink messy hair and is almost always chewing pink bubblegum. He wears a black jacket with pink hoodie and white shirt underneath, black pants, and a white armband with the Mikagura Academy emblem on it on his left arm. He also wears a pink and white headband, a pink choker, a pink-white striped tie and beige shoes with a matching pattern. Aside from this, he also brings a backpack anywhere with flowers and something that resembles his tail in his cat form as an accessory.


Bimii is a flying cat who has always accompanied Eruna from the moment she was accepted in the Academy. Although he did properly introduce himself to Eruna, Eruna didn't manage to hear his real name so she decided to nickname him Bimii instead, from his bimyou (lit. questionable) appearance.[1] He is also the teaching staff of Mikagura Academy, as many of the students recognize and call him as Sensei. However, unlike Kurumi he's never seen teaching students and it seems his duty is to follow a single unique student in each year or act as the referee during battles. He also seems to know the particular traits of each student quite well and get along well with them. An example is when he told Eruna about Kyoma's past. Though Kyoma and himself aren't best friends nor enemies (for a certian incident from Kyoma's past), but at least respect each other.
Bimii is also known to be the victim of Eruna's and later, Otone's pranks and is often amazed by and even comments on their personalities like a straight man. He also sometimes gets tired of Eruna's antics. Despite this, he still accompanies her and helps her in her everyday school life by providing explanations of school systems and is even willing to be the adviser for the club that she will create.[2]
When he is back to his normal form, his personality has slightly changed, as he describes himself as someone whose role depends on his appearance.[3] He also projects an image of a cool guy and uses quite a rough speech pattern, although not as rough as Kyoma's. He also sometimes accidentally slips '~ryui' end words, indicating that he is still not used to his body, much to his frustration. Still, the treatment he receives from Eruna and Otone is as same as ever.[3]
After succeeding in training Seisa to be a special and the strongest person in Mikagura and now currently taking Eruna under his wing, Bimii is indicated to be strong in battle, which is appropriate considering his status as a teacher.[3]


Knowledge Physical Strength Tsukkominess Tampering Resistance Favorable Impression Popularity Appearance End-word Cuteness
7 9 10 10 0 3 10 0


Image Name What they call Bimii What Bimii calls them
Eru Eruna Ichinomiya Bimii Eruna
Sigu Shigure Ninomiya Bimii-san Shigure
Sei Seisa Mikagura Anata (You) Seisa
Himi Himi Yasaka Sensei Himi-chan
Kuzu Kyoma Kuzuryuu Omae (You) Kuzuryuu-kun
Yuto Yuto Akama Sensei Akama-kun
Asu Asuhi Imizu Bimii-san Asuhi-kun
Sada Sadamatsu Minatogawa Bimii-san Minatogawa-kun
Oto Otone Fujishiro Bimii-sensei Otone-chan





  • He cannot be seen by normal people.[4]
    Eruna&bimii-anime chibi
  • A lot of fans mistook his normal form as Uguisu Kashiwabara when he first appeared. However, the fifth novel makes clear that it is Bimii in his human form and that Bimii is not Uguisu Kashiwabara.
  • Before his human form was revealed to be Bimii, fans nicknamed him Pinky, Pink-kun, Pinkemen, and Ryuiryui.[5]
  • He dislikes to be treated as a pet and his food called as feed for animals or bait.
  • When Last Note. asked Yoshitsugu Matsuoka to portray Bimii, he got slightly confused and bewildered.[6]
  • According to the album databook:
    • Bimii wishes to return to his original form or at least be acknowledged as something cute.
    • His favorite side dish for bento is pork.
    • He would like to reward himself by hearing a recording of praise words towards him.
    • A carryable item to prove his status as a teacher is a necessary thing for him.


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