Ability (能力 Nouryoku) is a system which is established in Mikagura Academy.


Besides school uniforms, dormitories, points, and clubs, students will also be given an ability and enhanced reflexes by the time they have enrolled in the Academy. An ability can be obtained in two ways; either awakened in a mean time or taught by an upperclassman. However, the latter way has a restriction, which is that once the student gets their ability, it won't go further from the senior who has taught it to them.[1]
In order to activate their ability, students need an item as a media to project it. However, there are also some special students who don't need any item to activate it. A student's ability and item are usually, but not always, related to the club that they joined. If students also wish to improve their ability, they should bring a key, treating their power as something fun. Although the student's ability is almost always used in battle, it can also be used in everyday life to a lesser extent. It is also noted that whenever an ability is being activated, one's computer terminal will start blinking and show the name of said ability.
Since their ability is not something that comes naturally and is merely a system in the Academy, the memory of the ability as well as the ability itself will vanish once students graduate from the Academy. However, since everyone enrolled to Mikagura Academy are naturally adapting to their abilities, even if their ability is erased their natural talent will have improved subconsciously during their time at the Academy. Hence, there are many Mikagura alumnus who would go on to become artists or scholars in society. Abilities can also be erased if students go outside the Academy, but with special authorization, one can still keep their ability without having their memory of it erased.[2]

List of abilities

Here is a list of abilities that has been revealed in any media.

Image Owner Ability Item Skills
Eru Eruna Ichinomiya Toy Gun (オモチャの銃
Omocha no Jū)
Three finger rings Shoots flash bullets from owner's fingers. However, it only can be done four times a day, as there is no way out if they overdo it. As the series progresses, it evolves to Toy Bayonet (オモチャの銃剣 Omocha no Jūken), which shoots bullets from several fingers at once and shoots light with more impact, in the same manner as Shooting Star.In order to make it works properly, it is later revealed that it needs an item just like any other abilities.
Yuto Yuto Akama Coup d'Etat Faker (クーデターフェイカー
Kūdetā Feikā)
Scythe Self-multiplying ability. However, it actually comes from the ability's nature which makes an optical illusion from its owner's agility and acceleration to a certain degree so it can be perceived as the owner having multiple clones dominating the battle area by their opponents.
Sada Sadamatsu Minatogawa Selfish Flower (セルフィッシュフラワー
Serufisshu Furawā)
Flower Scissors Flower petals will encircle around in the same manner as a thick wall and revolve in a high speed as well as reject any kind of attack, giving owner an absolute protection. However, it only lasts for 15 minutes.
Himi Himi Yasaka Lovely Ink (ラブリーインク
Raburī Inku)
Giant calligraphy brush Brings characters its owner writes with their brush to life and makes them attack their opponents.
Sei Seisa Mikagura Killing Art (キリングアート
Kiringu Āto)
N/A Able to overwrite spaces to its owner's heart's content. Can be seen as an ability which can do anything in a sense.
Asu Asuhi Imizu Shooting Star (シューティングスター
Shūtingu Sutā)
Telescope Shoots bullets made from starlight. It comes as one big star bullet and some small star bullets which act as a path for the big one. Since it can be activated simply by pushing a special button on the telescope, anyone beside its owner can also activate it, albeit with less impact. As the series progresses, the bullet will pursue its opponent's movements once fired. It also introduces shooting stars if the button is pressed.
Kuzu Kyoma Kuzuryuu Palette Barrett (パレットバレット
Paretto Baretto)
Art palette The palette acts as its owner's shield while the paints which float at its owner's free will act as the main weapon. The effect of each paint is different depending on its color (red paint can explode, yellow paint can flash light bullets, black paint can explode as well as reverberate loud sounds at the same time, etc). Each paint can also be combined to create a multiply effect, making it limitless. However, the accuracy and power depends on its owner's distance.
Sigu Shigure Ninomiya Hero Time
(ヒーロータイム Hīrō Taimu)
Big sharp pen The item turns into a sword. Since it is an ability which tests out its owner's technical strength, its owner will be strengthened when it is awoken. It will boost its owner's power and their physical ability into an adequate one. However it cannot always be activated because it has backslash and can become too risky for the owner themselves.
Oto Otone Fujishiro Anticomplex
(アンチコンプレックス Anchikonpurekkusu)
Clothes Although it has not yet been demonstrated, it has been confirmed that the ability has differs its nature depending on which clothes are mixed and matched by its owner. However, unlike Palette Bullet, the clothes combination is restricted.

Image Owner Ability Item Skills
Katai Meika Katai Cutie Ink (キューティーインク
Kyūti Inku)
Big calligraphy brush Similar to Lovely Ink, but its owner can only bring one kanji, namely Keima (桂馬), to life as a restriction since the ability is gained by learning from another ability user.
Tonkyun-icon Tonkyun Ad Lib Role (アドリブ・ロール
Adoribu Rōru)
Hammer Makes its owner's hands wrapped in flames once the hammer is swung. Not only can it burn anything around, but the flames can also act as a double sword.
Haruka Haruka Toishi Thousand Voice (サウザンド・ボイス
Sauzando Boisu)
Small headphone microphones Shoots about 1000 bullets which come from sound speed from its owner voice. Although the accuracy is considerably low and uncontrollable, the speed is really abnormal.
Azumi Azumi Sagara Molto Accento
(モルト・アクセント Moruto Akusento)
Trumpet Manipulates gravity using sound pressure by playing a musical note using a trumpet as her item. Its owner can make themselves light as well as force their opponents into a stationary position at the same time. However, when the musical note ends, there is a gap before its owner can activate their ability again by playing a new musical note.



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